Our Aims


Our aims are:


Forest Glade Primary School


·         To ensure full access to a broad and balanced curriculum that provides variety and equal opportunity for each child.


·         To develop the whole child ensuring they achieve their potential, academically, socially, physically, emotionally, creatively and morally.


·         To continue to raise standards by delivering an appropriate curriculum that enables our children to succeed in life-long learning.


·         To enable each child to develop a positive self-image and a sensitivity to the needs of others in the school, the local community and the wider world.


·         To help in the acquisition of a set of moral values and in developing habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour.


·         To ensure that parents and carers are welcomed and valued, are fully informed about the curriculum and their child’s progress, and are encouraged to work collaboratively with staff to support their child’s learning.


·         To provide a secure and stimulating environment for staff giving them the opportunity to continually develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding in order to meet both their own and the school's needs.


·         To continue to develop links and partnerships with local establishments and the local community.