Roles and Responsibilities Within School

As part of our Investors in Pupils (IiP) work around school the children at Forest Glade have many roles and responsibilities. Each of these roles has its very own job description which the children have to follow and apply for.  They have half-termly reviews of their job and get rewarded for their achievements at the end of the academic year.

School Council

There are two members of the council in each year. These two children have been elected by their peers. They are the children’s voice for their class and have fortnightly meetings in school. This is when they bring problems, answer questions and raise awareness of any subjects appropriate to them in their class. School council have a minutes book and regular feedback is given to all stakeholders within school.

Playground Peacemakers

There are two children from years 3 ,4, 5 and 6 who have attended an intense training course to learn to deal with situations and problems that arise on the playground. They have a calm approach and stop problems occurring at dinner time.

Sports Leaders

These children are from years 5 and 6. They wear Sports Leaders caps at lunch time and provide sports activities outside on the playground to keep ALL children interested.

Sports Ambassadors

The Forest Glade Sports Ambassadors are 5 boys and girls chosen from Years 5 and 6 to encourage, arrange and lead sporting events for the school. They are responsible for hosting monthly sporting events for the school and for meeting on a weekly basis with the P.E. Co-ordinator.


These are Year 4 children who would like to help and provide opportunities to play for the younger children. You will identify these children around our school as they were a bright yellow high visibility jacket at lunch times. They regularly go to the friendship bench at lunch times to help solve problems with the younger children and make up small games and activities for these children.